A little fun for the kids…

And for the kids in us adults.

Borrowing just a wee bit:

Twas the night before Hallow
And while I did Ween
Many creatures were stirring
Including a mouse
The candy was strung
On a goblin with care
In hopes many zombies
Soon would be there

The girls were all snoozing
On the living room couch
While visions of doggie treats
Danced in their heads
And Irma like Morticia
And I like Gomez
And Paco fine tuning
His sharp beak below

When out on the driveway
There arose a large clan
Of Managed Care Monsters
And the Evil Dead
Leading the pack were
Two creatures of dark
And three tiny tots
That looked more like bots

I sprang from my corner
Was glued to my work
Away to the screen door
Did Pumpkin fly
With me fast behind her
And all of her gang
To make an intervention
With that large scary clan

And as I held Pumpkin
Skeleton outfit and all
Barking was she at
Those three tiny bots
All exchanged glances
My terrors and theirs
And I as Gomez
Had to save the day

As planned did I reach for
My goblin supplies
And hiding my fear
Many tolls did I pay
The clan left appeased
As I sighed from relief
And inching to safety
I knew there’d be more!

Ding Dong
Oh no!
They’re baaack…


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