That Extra Hour…

What do you do with that extra hour when we turn back the clock?
Most will say, “get an extra hour of sleep.”
The change to the body’s circadian rhythms, however, may create havoc.

Dr. Shelby Harris, Director of the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx notes:

“Any time you (change) the body’s clock even by an hour, it really throws off all the hormones in your body,” Harris said. “Our biological clocks are so well set that even an hour’s difference in light exposure” can create changes in the body, she said.

Difficulty falling and staying asleep due to changing clocks can lead to drowsiness and irritability, which in turn can lead to health hazards ranging from overeating to the exacerbation of conditions like sleep apnea.

For a rich history of daylight saving time, see:
For me, it means getting my next paycheck an hour earlier :-).

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