Election Day a Year Ago

Election Day a year ago came at the heels of Superstorm Sandy. Amidst heightened emotions, the one that rang loudest for me was what happened to son David that day.

Pursuant to the blackout at David’s residence, the residents had to be re-located. As fate would have it, he was temporarily placed in Hempstead. On Election Day, David decided to exercise his constitutional right and vote. He wondered off, lost his way late in the day, and was “befriended” by a stranger who offered to take him to his home. This “Good Samaritan” then robbed him at gunpoint.

As I ponder on whether or not I should say anything this year, and caution him not to wonder off again, I am reminded of a “time game” I used to play with my boys when they were quite small. And dwelling on this, I put pen to paper and jotted this little piece:

Reflections once upon a time
Of a time that was
Of a time that is
And a time yet to come
Of a time when time stood still
Or so it seemed
Then I looked in the mirror
And saw a face I didn’t recognize
And I asked, where oh where
Did time slip away?

Need to do something? Do it today. For tomorrow has a way of sneaking behind the mirror in our mind.

As Scarlett said, “I’ll think about that tomorrow,” after all, “tomorrow is another day.”

All, be safe tomorrow,


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