Very Controversial View About Victims of Rape (Pt. 2)

I think that risk management is applicable. There are many risk management areas.
  • Risk of Danger to Self
  • Risk of Danger to Others
  • Risk of Danger to the Professional (i.e. attacked by a patient or former patient)
  • Practice-related Risk to the Professional (documentation, etc.)
  • Risk to Potential Victims/Targets
The latter is something that the FBI does when they provide profiles of attackers and profiles of the victims they target.
Risk management also applies to communities, stores, malls, movie theaters, etc.: lighting, cameras; security guards; cameras; etc. I wrote an article about this after the Colorado mass shooting.
Security and police are trained to look for potential criminals, etc.
Another aspect of risk management involves becoming “street smart” and having an awareness of environmental risks (awareness of your surroundings) and behaviors that may increase risk.
There’s a lot to this. See for instance:
A simple example I think many might relate to is walking to your car on an isolated street or parking garage, late, carrying bags, your eyes are on your bag, you’re distracted, fishing for keys.
I am hopeful that NYSPA will cover more Risk Management bases and do so often.

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