Very Controversial View About Victims of Rape

At a recent debate, British attorney Barbara Hewson:

…criticized the “ideology of sexual victimization”and expressed doubts about the “long-term damaging effects.”

Lawyer claims we don’t talk enough about victims’ responsibility for rape


Hewson claimed that:

Some rape victims have a “moral responsibility” for their fate…

Read on:

This assertion does not reflect evidence-based science:

She also expressed doubts over the “long term damaging effects” of rape.

I’ve worked with enough victims of rape, sexual assault, and DV to know that many are traumatized for years, perhaps life. Symptoms may wax and wane and memories can be triggered by a TV show, a news article, a dream, someone saying something, a sight, sound, a touch, or even a smell.

Many suffer from PTSD and co-morbid disorders. Some self-anesthetize with medication, alcohol, and drugs.

Asylum and U-Visa cases I’ve worked with are heartbreaking.

I’ll be submitting an LGBT asylum petition evaluation later today.

This young lady endured unimaginable trauma:

18-year old Paola (fictitious name) left Ecuador because of persistent sexual molestation by her stepfather. Her mother did not believe her and Paola had no one to turn to. She traveled across Central America to Mexico with money she took from home and a small amount she earned waitressing for two days in Guatemala. She paid the ultimate price, however, to the coyotes who demanded their pound of flesh.  Paola did not have the agreed upon fee and was raped twice

And if not bad enough, these victims are re-traumatized repeatedly by the legal system that persistently questions them. And for various reasons, many victims don’t know they can receive help or are afraid or ashamed to.



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