Vigilante Justice

Hatred, racism, and likely fear led to this lynch mob mentality and vigilante justice:

An innocent man in the United Kingdom was burned to death after being wrongly accused of pedophilia.

The Telegraph reports that Ebrahimi, who was an avid gardener, had [indeed] taken photos of local youths. However, it is now believed that these youths had been harassing Ebrahim by damaging his flowers, and that he may have been collecting the photos as evidence to present to the police.

…a crowd of residents chanted “pedo, pedo” as Ebrahimi was led away for questioning…

Police say that upon investigation, Ebrahimi, who is said to have had a physical disability, was found innocent of all charges and was released.

On July 14, Ebrahimi was reportedly beaten unconscious by a 24-year-old local resident named Lee James. The young man, with the help of Stephen Norley, also 24, then set Ebrahimi on fire after dousing him with alcohol.

…Bijan had been the victim of hate crimes for a number of years before his death, both due to his race and his physical disability…

This type of behavior occurs often, and is perpetrated not only by the public at large, but by police, the legal system, and experts wearing various hats. The latter three have been the subject of much discourse by a former professor of mine from New York Law School, Michael L. Perlin, in several treatises. See for instance:

Sadly, the following after-the-fact reflection comes too late, and in the long run, will be buried soon after the next “mistake” occurs:

“Why wasn’t that poor man better served by us?”

Some articles on mob mentality:



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