What’s the Fuss About 11/12/13?

11/12/13 is a date with consecutive numbers, and there’s only one left this century: 12/13/14.

And, who cares?

Say that to the many couples who want to get married on 11/12/13:

Beitler says 2,265 weddings nationwide are anticipated on 11/12/13. The same Tuesday of the month last year projected just 371, based on bridal registrations.


Tuesday also happens to be a Mega Millions day, said Danielle Frizzi-Babb, Ohio Lottery’s communications director.

She expects that the numbers 1-2-3 — a combination frequently played anyway — will be selected more than usual.

“Dates are significant to a lot of players,” she said. “Any time you get a combination like that, people tend to play it. Eleven-eleven-eleven was a big one two years ago.”

No tie-in event is planned at the Horseshoe Casino Cleveland and ThistleDown Racino, spokeswoman Shannon Mortland said, but she does not expect 11-12-13 will go unnoticed.

“A lot of gamblers are superstitious,” she said.


All this boils down to a psychology of numerical sequences and is fodder for research: the psychology of getting married on a date with consecutive numbers, and the psychology of betting the numbers of a date with consecutive numbers.



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