Growing Old on Death Row v Getting there at a “Ripe Old Age”

The matter of serial killer Joseph Naso being sentenced to death at age 79 caught my eye:

There is an age requirement at the lower end:

The Constitution forbids the execution of killers who were under 18 when they committed their crimes, ending a practice used in 19 states.

There is no upper end and little relief.

A terminally ill death row inmate who had less than a year to live was executed Tuesday evening in Oklahoma, sparking a new debate over whether sick inmates should be put to death or allowed to die of natural causes

Reportedly, the oldest person executed was Joe Lee at the age 83 in 1916. And since then, John B. Nixon, Sr. at the age of 77 in 2005.

71-year-old Edward Harold Schad Jr. was executed last month, 35 years after he was charged with murder. His last words were:

“Well, after 34 years I’m free to fly away home. Thank you, warden. Those are my last words.”

Leroy Nash at the age of 94 was the oldest person on death row; he died of natural causes on February 12, 2010:

The longest-serving death row inmate, Gary Alvord, died of a brain tumor at the age of 66:

Guinness World Records holder?

77-year-old Japanese prisoner Iwao Hakamada has been certified as being the world’s longest-serving death row inmate, serving his 44th year

Naso, the oldest person sentenced to death, if executed (and unsuccessful in appeals and/or does not die of natural — or unnatural — causes) looks to break the record of the oldest person executed.


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