The Dark Side of Paul Walker Tweets

Not quite cyberbullying, but perhaps a first cousin, the many nasty and tasteless tweets about Paul Walker that began appearing soon after his death. Many were retweeted; some were favorited.

If any of you compare Paul Walker to James Dean I will f__ your daughter.

Lol paul walker died in a car crash and is known for being a badass driver. Oh the irony

Lol Paul walker died in a car crash. It’s only right.

I wonder if Paul Walker is in hell now.

What is it about people that engage in this kind of behavior? Are they cyberbullies to living victims?

And, as social media flourishes, are we seeing an increase in this — yet another form — of the dark side of social networks? There is a psychology behind social networking, the good and the bad.

For a very interesting and informative one-hour presentation see:

A Journey to the Dark Side of Social Networking



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