Hoilday Safety

I was just listening to the news and saw a slew of holiday-related incidents.

So, although we’ve all “been there done that” and know better, I thought I’d dig up some safety tips for y’all.

Not in these lists is protection from the recent Target (store chain) credit card breach:



Protect Yourself From Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud:


Simple little things:

  • Take little with you; only what you need
  • Don’t keep money, wallets, purses, credit cards out
  • Be careful who is around you at ATMs or terminals that take your credit card information
  • Block your card and PIN numbers as much as you can when in use
  • Use wallets that are protected from scanners
  • Be alert, walk straight, aware of your surroundings
  • Don’t fall asleep on trains! (I can’t tell you how may “train incidents” I’ve had. I now use an “Aranda bib”: see http://tinyurl.com/luvymud and http://tinyurl.com/lfvq35f and http://tinyurl.com/kkhb3nm) 

Other things to consider:

  • Change your PIN numbers log-in information often and pick really good password; see http://tinyurl.com/6ejna93and http://tinyurl.com/42w2p3b 
  • Monitor your credit regularly; sign up for a service
  • Consider purchasing an identity protection service such as Identity Guard: http://tinyurl.com/kgqh2nc
  • Be wary about Internet scams and how much personal information you put out about yourself on the Internet

Several Sources:

  • Holiday shopping:


  • CDC tips:



  • National Safety Council:


  • USA.gov:


  • LAPD Safety Tips:


  • American Academy of Pediatrics:


And for Our Patients:

Spend a little bit of time with patients talking — not only about how they feel about the holidays and combating “holiday blues” — but about safety issues.



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