Psychologist Killer May Not Be Fit To Stand Trial

The NY Times published the following article on 01/02/14:
Sanity of Psychologist’s Killer Is Again at Issue
Tarloff’s lawyer offered the following comment:
Mr. Tarloff’s lawyer, Frederick L. Sosinsky, said his client was moved from Rikers Island to a psychiatric ward at Bellevue last fall and his condition seemed to be improving in recent weeks. Mr. Sosinsky said that at a new trial, he would once again mount an insanity defense, which, if successful, would put Mr. Tarloff in a psychiatric hospital, possibly for the rest of his life.
Tarloff’s victim’s brother disagrees, however, and claims Tarloff is feigning insanity:
…the victim’s brother, Mike Faughey, said Mr. Tarloff was feigning madness. “We are not buying that at all,” he said. “Tarloff is a calculating person.
It wouldn’t be the first time that a court-appointed psychiatrist (or for that matter, psychologist) is fooled by a defendant. And one who has been in the “system” for almost 6 years may develop skills to “beat” competency exams and other exams, and perhaps polygraphs and PPG tests.
The flip side here is why would anyone be surprised that the victim’s brother would opine that Tarloff is not “mad” and is manipulative?
The judge will hear arguments from both sides on 01/16/14:
A new trial was expected to start this month, but Judge McLaughlin postponed it on Thursday because of the most recent psychological evaluation of Mr. Tarloff. He said he would hear arguments from the defense and the prosecution on Jan. 16 about Mr. Tarloff’s fitness to stand trial.
Interestingly, this paragraph refers to a “psychological evaluation.” Yet the second paragraph of the article reported that it was a psychiatric evaluation:
Lawyers for the man, David Tarloff, 45, said during a hearing on Thursday that a court-appointed psychiatrist at Bellevue Hospital Center had found him unfit to stand trial during an examination in November.

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