Jahi McMath: The Battle to “Live” Goes On


Multiple outside doctors and bioethicists observing the case have confirmed that a patient in that condition meets the legal criteria for death and has no chance of recovering.


Notwithstanding, Jahi McMath’s family continue to hope for a miracle and have succeeded in having Children’s Hospital release the “body” to the coroner, who released her to her mother. There is an undisclosed facility that will accept her.  

She is not on a feeding tube and no surgical procedures were performed before her body was released from the hospital. The teen has been on a ventilator, but her family wanted a tracheotomy and a feeding tube inserted before she was moved.


Earlier reports identified Medford as a possible location. New Beginnings Community Center is in Medford, actually not too far from me:


A timeline through January 5, 2014 is available here:


A report updated by CNN at 7:43 PM EST January 5, 2014 noted that “the high profile case fuels a misperception: that ‘brain death’ is somehow not as final as cardiac death, even though, by definition, it is.”


New Beginnings Community Center’s founder, Allyson Scerri, stated that:

[Jahi McMath’s] brain needs time to heal. It’s a new injury,” Scerri said. “We believe in life after injury, all of us here at New Beginnings have first-hand experience because we have a loved one that was in the same situation as Jahi.


In earlier posts I provided information about cardiac and brain death:



In the meantime, as the clock ticks, the Alameda County coroner issued a death certificate this past Friday, January 3, 2014, listing December 12, 2013, as Jahi McMath’s date of death. To become official, the certificate must be accepted by the health department. Id.  




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