Jahi McMath: Lost in The Legal Battles

Lost in a protracted battle surrounding the “legal” status as to whether or not her daughter was dead or alive, is the agonizing pain Jahi McMath’s mother went through and continues to go through. No one can tell her that the precious little girl she birthed, whose heart still beats, has joined the netherworld of the departed.

This article escaped my eye. It goes back to Christmas eve, but it shows both a deep love and harrowing sense of guilt:

On Christmas Eve, Nailah Winkfield held vigil in her daughter’s hospital room, caressing the girl’s warm hand, kissing her soft cheeks, feeling her pulse and telling her she’s sorry for promising that everything would be OK.

She was too exhausted, her blood pressure too high, to hear a judge’s ruling that her precious Jahi was “brain-dead,” and that the hospital where the 13-year-old girl underwent a tonsillectomy 15 days ago can remove her from a ventilator byMonday.

“Everyone says it’s not my fault,” Winkfield said on Monday, in her most extensive interview so far about the events that have propelled her and her family into a highly publicized, bitterly divisive battle with Children’s Hospital Oakland. “But I drove her here. I made the appointment. I got the second opinion.

“It was me. It was all me,” Winkfield said, wiping away tears that have been flowing for two weeks. “She didn’t do it. She just followed what I said. So I feel like it would be so wrong of me to let them pull that plug on her.”


And in the Courtroom Arena, we hear the ring announcer’s throaty, baritone voice:

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Courtroom Arena’s main event! In the blue corner of the “square circle”, wearing royal blue trunks, we have the reigning champion “Dauberto”, with a stabbing jab and powerful knockout heart punch. And in the red corner, wearing crimson red trunks, the challenger,”Ternura”, a 5 to 1 underdog, unskilled but passionate and doggedly resilient. Let’s get ready to rummmmble!”



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