Dark Side of Big Data

I’ve taken it upon myself to monitor the “dark side” of technology.

We all know what “Big Data” is, correct? Briefly, Big Data consists of “the fingerprints pulled from social media, internet searches, blogs, credit card transactions, GPS signals, sensors and other digital avenues.” See:


Seems pretty interesting, especially the part that your navigations are being monitored and, perhaps, you shed more privacy and expose more about your interests and activities via traces you leave, the “fingerprints” noted above, than you care for.

As is true with so many things, the benefits, that is “the good”, comes with a downside, “the bad.”

What is the “dark side” of Big Data?

See the recent Forbes article:


As noted, “Privacy remains a major concern when it comes to big data.” And the question is raised, “is the trade-off of losing some data privacy acceptable if it helps law enforcement agencies thwart terrorism or other crimes, or are we simply heading down a dark path?”

Is Big Brother watching?


More insights:


There’s a book, Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think:


And there’s Big Data in health care:


Will Big Data reshape health care?


And what about Big Data and mental health and substance abuse care?


Big Data and mental health research:

See Big data mining and new hypotheses in mental health research


I am reminded by episodes of The X-Files, in which Special Agent Dana Scully, medical doctor and scientist, objective and detached, might tell her partner Special Agent Fox Mulder whom she was supposed to reign in, “Mulder, this doesn’t exist.” And he would look at her, smile sheepishly, and say, “it’s already here.”



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