Music and the Brain: Helping Dementia Patients

Personalized music selections opens up memories in dementia patients.

Studies have shown that music reduces agitation in Alzheimer’s patients and can improve cognitive skills. And individualized music is recommended by the New York State Department of Health and the national Alzheimer’s Association.


Among the benefits are a reduction in agitation and sundowning and that residents suffering from dementia are happier and more social.

See also:

And current research:

“Why Music for Alzheimer’s?” will be a topic at the Alzheimer’s Disease Education Conference & Expo 2014 at the Melville Marriott Long Island on March 6.

The conference is around the corner, so if interested, you can still register:

See also the documentary Alive Inside:

As one of the 77.3 million Baby Boomers as of 2008, I am transported back in time when I listen to XM 60’s, 70’s, Elvis, and Classic Vinyl.

What would your playlist include?



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