Passover & Easter: A Celebration of Life

As many nations celebrate Passover and Easter around the world, I was inspired to send this photo I took from my own backyard in Long Island on this splendid day.
I was struck by the beauty of trees flowering and signs of Spring finally emerging after a long, arduous winter. I climbed behind the patio wall in my backyard and took the picture from under the tree looking at the sun. I didn’t think it would come out because of the sun’s glare. When I saw it, I immediately thought about the significance of life and realized how timely it was to have taken this photo during such important religious holidays that signify freedom, deliverance, resurrection, and life.
We strive to live in harmony with one another despite differences and embrace life during special occasions. But life has a way of begetting life and celebrating life despite special occasions. I captured a small piece, a moment in time, of what the world has to offer.
In parting, be guided by what a person I admire very much, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, said when she visited CUNY’s City College on November 18, 2013:

Before we retire each day, ask ourselves what new thing we learned, and what kind deed we did for another.


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