Grisly new details in botched execution

Grisly new details in the botched execution of Clayton D. Lockett on April 29, 2014 are a segue to an appeal by four death row inmates with pending execution dates in 2015 of the ruling of a federal judge in Oklahoma City who said the state’s new lethal injection protocol is constitutional.

Details about the 43-minute long execution are available here:

In a different context to the CIA Torture Report, the word “torturous” is used here:

“…drugs that had been predicted to cause a torturous death.”

Here is Oklahoma Department of Public Safety’s Executive Summary of the execution of Clayton D. Lockett:

In the instant proceeding, the inmates’ creative argument that “the state is essentially conducting experiments on unwilling human subjects” was rejected by U.S. District Judge Stephen Friot who stated that, “The Eighth Amendment does not immunize an individual from using a new procedure….”

Under the gun timewise, because Charles Frederick Warner is scheduled to be executed on January 15, 2015, let’s see where this goes.


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