Another Speeding Train Tragedy?

The driver applied the emergency brakes when the train hit 106mph (170km/h) on a 50mph track, said the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

But his efforts had only brought the speed down to 102mph when the deadly crash happened.

The engineer reportedly has no recollection:

“He remembers coming into curve. He remembers attempting to reduce speed and thereafter he was knocked out,” Goggin said. But he said Bostian does not recall anything out of the ordinary and does not remember using the emergency brake, which investigators say was applied moments before the crash.–finance.html


And the attorney had this to say about his client:


“As a result of his concussion, he has absolutely no recollection whatsoever of the events,” Goggin said. He said he believes the engineer’s memory will probably return once the head injury subsides.


The engineer came to after the crash, retrieved his bag and cellphone, and called 911.


You’d expect that experts in PCS would be involved in this including neuropsychologists who specialize in head trauma and penetrating and non-penetrating TBI with and without LOC.



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